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Paul Farris Memorial Scholarship


In 2016 the Farris family will award two scholarships to graduating Seniors at Somerville High School in Somerville, Massachusetts. Scholarships are awarded in May. Much of the Farris family's advocacy and volunteer efforts are now through Pursuit For Change


Since 2008 we have presented $42,000 in scholarship awards. 


Please complete your required high school scholarship application first.

Application Information and Addendum

The requirements of this scholarship are extremely simple:

The candidate must be a respectful and caring student exhibiting a love of learning and a passion for music, the arts, or another extracurricular activity.

Our family would like the candidate to understand something about Paul's life and what we are doing to ensure that his spirit lives on forever, so take a bit of time and review this website.



  1. Please explain in detail how you are involved with music, the arts, or another extracurricular activity, and why you consider this to be one of your passions. 
  2. How have you shown that you are a caring and respectful student both while attending and while outside of school? 
  3. Please tell us what your friends would say about you as a person. 



Previous recipients


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