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Paul Farrisbutterfly

Monarch butterfly


Hear Paul perform the song Butterfly

Dear Mr. Dalton,

I am writing for permission to use one of your monarch butterfly photographs on my son's memorial website. I lost my son in May 2007 and since that time I have been building the website. The content continues to grow, but now I need to begin making it look nicer.

On the day of my son's funeral service, as I went to get the car, a monarch butterfly flew around me and when I put my hand out the butterfly landed on it. I was 52 years old at the time and I have never had one land on me. I'm not a religious or superstitious man, but I really do believe that the butterfly somehow represented my son Paul and was a message to tell me that he was now ok. After about 30 seconds the butterfly flew away - I watched until it was out of sight.

I'm not sure exactly what the site will look like yet, but likely I'll use the butterfly in a header on all of the pages. As I searched Google, all of the best butterfly photographs that I saw were yours.

Please let me know if this will be acceptable.

Thank you and warmest regards,


Hi Jon

Of course you can use my Monarch picture for your son Paul's memorial website. Just let me know what size image you require (number of pixels on long side) and let me know which image you are after - I presume the butterfly is in flight and has bluish background.

I am so sorry to hear about the death of your son - having four children of my own I can only imagine what you and your family must be going through.

With kind regards


Mr. Stephen Dalton has most graciously allowed us to use his lovely and amazing Monarch butterfly photograph for the site. His website contains many more magical photographs.

A Gift from Special Friends


In May 2010, our friends Jan and Karen Wentz gave us this wonderful bowl. Now the Monarch is beautifully displayed in our home every day.

Butterfly dish